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Everything you want to know about eMobility in one place.

Electric cars go easier on your wallet

Besides saving the environment, you save money. The running costs and servicing of electric cars are cheaper in comparison to cars with a combustion engine. Owners also get to enjoy many other benefits, such as free parking in cities, access to the town centre, and exemption from motorway tolls.

Charging is quick and easy

You can charge your electric car’s battery almost anywhere: from a 230 V household socket, a wallbox, or at public charging and fast-charging stations. There is one simple rule: the higher the charging power, the faster the charging process. Once you try it, you’ll find it’s almost as easy as charging your smartphone.


No anxiety about long-distance trips

Electric cars offer a range far exceeding what you need on an average day, no matter what the weather, driving style or load. And if you need the car to tackle a longer journey, perhaps when you go on holiday, you can charge your electric car at an ever-expanding network of public charging and fast-charging stations, which are quick and simple to use, especially with our Powerpass.

How much will my Škoda cost?

Owning an electric car has so many benefits!

With lower fuel and maintenance costs than cars with combustion engines, and with governments in some markets offering tax incentives for ownership, electric vehicles provide a lot more attractive value for owners.


Are iV cars different to service and maintain? In a nutshell yes. But in a good way. Are you interested in battery’s protection and lifecycle, and the safety of electric cars in general? Find out there is nothing to worry about.